Un cafe con leche, por favor.


Travel diaries:


Five weeks in Spain

Almost every week I´m entering to a new town or a city. I step out from a bus, everything looks unfamiliar and I´m scared. The first thought in my mind is usually the famous: what on earth I was thinking when I planned this trip. Is it necessary to be so crazy to push myself this far? Yes it is. I walk the first kilometers back and forth before finally letting myself ask some directions. Every time I get lost about a few times before finding the place where I´m staying. I settle down, order un cafe con leche and start to feel comfortable. I walk around the city and explore new places, museums, never ending list of Catholic churches and meet new people. It´s worth every minute and moment. I feel alive. 

    The best thing about traveling by myself is that I get to know myself better. Of course I´m also eager to learn more about different cultures, people and life. I feel like I get to grow more into the person I want to be. Traveling is like educating myself in every moment, in every hola and smile. It inspires me in so many levels. To go further, find new adventures and challenge myself everyday more. Traveling opens eyes to see deeper and wider. I am thankful to even have an opportunity to travel. If I´m scared ,even a little, at the beginning of the journey, it is sure that I´m going to have a memorable adventure.

What do you think about traveling? Have you had the opportunity to travel and if so, where? I would like to hear from you! Feel free to comment. Have a beautiful day people and I hope you make memorable moments today!