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Overwhelmed by feelings?

VeeraJuulia2 Comments
Overwhelmed by feelings?
Photo: Jonna Helin Photography

Photo: Jonna Helin Photography




I seem not to find always the words to describe my feelings.  I´m easily overwhelmed by them. Why? Maybe because I cannot process most of them and it frustrates me. That is the reason why I have a need of creating. It´s a perfect way to process those things my mind don´t seem to understand.

And I put my trust in God instead of my feelings or myself. When I´m trusting God I know and also feel that I am standing on a solid rock, that won´t let me down. Following my feelings will usually spend all my energy and I get tired.  Of course it affects if my schedule is too busy, but most of the time the mind battle and feelings are the reason why I get tired. And being a person who feels everything, sometimes life just does not make sense. So that´s why I build my trust in God, not my feelings. He is my peace.


Psalm 91:4-7

He will cover you with his feathers,
    and under his wings you can hide.
    His truth will be your shield and protection.
 You will not fear any danger by night
    or an arrow during the day.
 You will not be afraid of diseases that come in the dark
    or sickness that strikes at noon.
 At your side one thousand people may die,
    or even ten thousand right beside you,
    but you will not be hurt.



Do you know what I´m talking about? Leave a comment, I´d like to hear about your thoughts. Also listen the song below by Hillsong United. It´s one of my favorites. I hope your week will be full of surprises and friendly smiles!