Join the journey!

Join the journey!

Hey, you!

Welcome to my new website. This is the day we´re starting a new journey together. I´m super excited and hope you enjoy the beginning as well.

So what is this about?

It´s a blog! Mostly I´ll be posting about fashion, my thoughts and some creative projects to come. I believe we´re meant to encourage and lift others up and that´s what I hope to do. I want to be inspired and inspire others. Creativity and arts are a way of influence and I hope to encourage others through it. I have my own artistic ways so you don´t always need to understand my art, but I hope to create some feelings in you.   

Who am I?

I´m a young, creative, woman from Tampere, Finland. Living my dream by expressing myself in different ways. Sometimes you just have to create something to understand the world around you. I am inspired by different cultures, music and people around me. My style is about expressing myself and the current feelings or season in my life. I love traveling, spicy food and late night hangouts with my friends. I like meeting new people so don´t be shy if you see me around. I would like to meet you! 


I hope you have a lovely day, full of new adventures! Check the video above and feel free to follow me on my other social feeds. 


IG: veerajuulia_

SC: veerajuulia2