My work week usually starts on Tuesday and end on Saturday, so Monday feels like Sunday and Tuesday feels like Monday. But I love having a free day on Mondays. Everyone has started their week and are busy, but I´m still allowed to stay late in bed and do whatever I feel like doing. I love slow mornings. It´s the best time of the day. I let mind wander and dream. Mornings are usually the best time to get the new ideas and inspiration. 

Last weekend was full of rest and unexpected events. Do you know the feeling when it´s really really late Saturday night and it´s freezing outside and of course you have forgotten the keyes inside. Not the proudest moment of the day. Gladly I have lovely friends who let me sleep on their couch.  (Thank you Ina and Samuli!) Also one of my closest friends was visiting Tampere and ou boy I was inspired by her. We talked and talked about life, work, relationships, men, good movies, traveling and everything. We have a great habit of dreaming and envisioning together. You know the kind of dreams that you are afraid of even whispering out loud. Somehow hours just passed by too quickly. It is so important to have people in life who champion and rejoice about you and your life. Love you Mira!

Also the week´s secondhand shop finds are on the photos:

Fila´s college shirt 5€

Black trousers 6€

And the nikes I´ve bought earlier, but also from a secondhand shop: 15€


Have a great week lovely ones! I´m super happy at the moment. I have unbelievable privilege to be living my dream right now. I hope you find the passions of your own life and get to live them out also. Don´t be afraid of pursuing them! Most of the time the things we are most afraid of are the things we should really pursue.

Are you a morning person or do you like early mornings? I would love to hear from you!


Photos:  Edit: Me


Edit: Me