The Secret Of Sisterhood .

Ok, I´ve been missing you. 

I remember the day we met. I think I wasn´t even turned 12 yet. It took five minutes and you new all about me. Meaning my newest crush and dreams. We grew up together, discovered what it is to be and feel beautiful, we lived together, fought a lot and learned grace. We´ve made mistakes and have not cared a shit about what other people think about us. (And still don´t care :D) We dealed with all the heartbreaks and disappointments. You had to stand my incompleteness and process of finding myself, creativity and not always so easy process growing up into adulthood. Our thing has been shaking the Universe up together since the day one. And I think we´ve managed quite well. I love your sense of humor and been always laughing at your bad jokes even though just a few people get them. 


You remember the one time we were fighting hard and decided it is too insane to be friends anymore. We were both tired and living a challenging time. Three days went by and you came back home and we just knew the most insane decision would´ve been giving up on our sisterhood. You know me better than anyone else, probably better than I know myself. You know the real meanings behind my every word even though I´m trying hard to convince myself it´s not how I truly feel. The most important thing I´ve learned from you is how to feel. How I cannot control my feelings and it is ok to feel every one of your feelings without shame. I have freedom to feel, mostly because of you.   


I think I´ve made all the mistakes that is possible to make in any relationship. If I´ve hurt someone it´s unfortunately you. Sometimes I´m ashamed of all the grab you´ve been through with me, but still somehow you stick around. You remind me why I was born such a time like this. You make me a better person, braver woman, make me feel more beautiful and remind me of who I truly am every single time.



You´ve been always effortlessly beautiful. Your ability to be yourself without pleasing no one, but still loving every single one is touching. There´s no words to describe how proud I am of you. Who you´ve become and what a woman you´ve grown into. I think the world misses too much if it does not get to know you. You are just too special. 

Love you!


This is to all the girls and their bestfriends!


Photos: iPhone 6s

Photos: iPhone 6s