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Hey you!

VeeraJuulia2 Comments
Hey you!
"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."  -Steve Jobs



Hey you. I´ve been missing you. Your bad jokes and smile, it all feels so familiar. Hey you, right there. Can I have a hug please. You make me a better friend. I love it when you are so present, passionately discussing your new ideas. What a wise person you are. I miss your precense. I´m wondering did we grew too far from each other. I know some things take time, I know life moves on. We make mistakes. All we do. But hey you, I´m still here.

Just been missing you. I´m letting you know. Life is messy, but it ain´t tearing us apart.

Hey you!




I´ve been enjoying the no make up style lately inspired by of course the lovely Alicia Keys. That woman is just inspirational. If I´ve used make up I prefer it natural way, usually no eye make up at all and sometimes a little bit lipstick. Have you had time to try it out? I recommend. Being beautiful is something so much deeper than make up or the way we look. It´s deep down in your dna. Woman, you are gorgeous!


Photos by the lovely Johanna Virolainen.  Edit: Me

Photos by the lovely Johanna Virolainen.

Edit: Me