"She was dancing and laughing by herself. It was a late night. On her pyjamas on she danced and danced, laughed and laughed until she was gasping so hard that she couldn´t continue. But in few minutes she was up again and dancing even harder and laughing even louder. That was her way of surviving from the ruff times." 


Life does not make sense most of the time, but the times it does, are the moments worth living for. However not all of these moments are pretty. Actually sometimes it gets ugly. Really disgusting if I´m allowed to speak out loud. I mean sometimes I just have these rude red moments when things simply get ugly despite my efforts. It doesn´t matter how hard I try life happens. And maybe, specially, because of these rude red moments life is beautiful. It gives us different ways to look at life and people around us. Hopefully it opens our eyes to see beauty in the process, in incompleteness. When you are at the bottom the only way is up. The awful disappointments and the worst heartbreakes have made me feel and see something deeper and wider. Drawn me closer to God. 


"She let all the past be past and put some smooth late night jazz on, wore her favorite higheels and that velvet lipstick. And she smiled like the moment had been the greatest accomplishment of her whole life. "



Photos take by beautiful Ella Eerola. @eeella  Edit: Me

Photos take by beautiful Ella Eerola. @eeella

Edit: Me