1.  Born in 1996

2. I love salads. Any kind of salad is perfect

3. I played football when I was little

4. My favorite thing to do is to be with people

5. Currently listening Kendrick Lamar

6. Always booking new flights

7. Coffee lover for real. (Latte with a coconut syrup is simply delicious)

8. I believe in Jesus

9. I believe in people

10. I like straight forward people

11. At the moment I feel like I am living the dream (That doesn´t mean my life´s  not challenging at times)

12. Good songs: Location - Khalid, ILYSB - LANY

13. Really important in any relationship: communication

14. I could not live without my friends. They´re vital. Shoutout to @miralydia, @kotipeli

15. Church is a big part of my life

16. I live by myself in a 52 square two-room flat with a bathtub

17. I love autumns

18. Favorite piece of clothing at the moment: An old flower shirt from my dear friend Hanna who bought it from secondhand shop. I fell in love.

19. Currently hooked into morning runs

20. I am happy in this season of life


X O X O 

ALL GOOD-00.jpg
ALL GOOD-03.jpg


G O D   H A S   M E R C Y


Incredible photos by talented @itslinogilberto

Giff by my darling @rruthmariia